Monday, 19 December 2011

Amazeballs track: Azealia Banks 212

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The marvellous splendour of Musical Bingo

I admit I was somewhat sceptical when I was invited to Musical Bingo, mainly because it's bingo if I'm honest. Oh! How sorry I am for ever doubting you Musical Bingo, for you are a truly stupendous entity. How can anything involving Bingo lead to so much mischief and debautury?! The concept is pretty obvious so I wont go into detail, they play songs you cross them off your sheet. You also have to race to the  DJ booth to claim your line or full house so there is more of a challenge than usual.   

Believe me it can get quite heated, elbows are involved and pride is at steak. My friend has twice now thrown her toys out of the pram and given the death stare to the poor DJ who failed to check her line first, essentially meaning she missed out on a prize. Poor little Crae Crae. 

But hold on, the fun endeth not there. Once your line has been checked by one of the DJ's you forget all about remaining nonchalant and composed and hurry excitedly to the stage whereby you are showered with confetti (If only this happened every time I entered a room) as you choose to keep your prize (think novelty lollies and shots) or gamble. You might get gherkins, you might get champers (The gherkin was a booby prize btw, although not to some-weirdos). 

The compares are most entertaining, the tunes are banging and there's always dancing on the table, a must for all my nights out.  My experiences of Musical Bingo have thus far involved lots of wine, shots, dancing, shouting, much over gesticulation, glitter, non Scottish shortbread, glow sticks, bad chat up lines, meeting amazing new people and almost not being able to make it into work the next day. Perfect night then really. It really is the best organised fun Ive had all year, hurry up 19th December. Plan your visit, you must. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nicole Sherzinger single handedly ruining things for woman kind everywhere. Well done.

Anyone else find Nicole Sherzinger bloody irritating? I feel like she's leading the crusade to take stereotypes of women back a century or two. We can see your sexy but do you really have to be so obvious as to sing songs entitled 'wet' and writhe around pretending to be all defenceless and pandering to mens stereotypes of what makes women attractive. It's all very unimaginative. Why not just be yourself and help show the world that confidence and originality are what makes someone attractive not shagging a wall in a bikini whilst having water thrown at you and pouting as if you've got a massive cock in your mouth and it's the best thing you've ever experienced. Bore off Nicole. And why pretend to be so much younger than you obviously are as if getting old is a crime. Ruining things for woman kind everywhere. Well done Nicole bloody Sherzinger

Friday, 18 November 2011

Fashion blog:

Loving this amazing little fashion blog, such an innovative idea. Especially enjoying that boys are featuring on there. Wonder if I could ever make it on there................? (Pretty please!)

Everyday a new outfuit appears, you guess how much it costs, grand reveal takes place the next day. So simple. Watch this space, could grow to mega proportions.............. 

Fave ensemble so far:

Take a look:

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My concerns for the country: M&M's world

Something terrible and most horrifying has crept into the tourist heart of London and is brainwashing all who go. Under the guise of a confectionery shop it pretends to be a place where all should visit, a must see on the list of 'things to do in London if you are a mindless tourist who has no more imagination than to follow the bright lights and end up in Leicester square'. It's a multi storey shop selling, wait for it, M&M's dispensers. Oh of course! Dispensers for our Nations favourite chocolate. Oh no wait, we don't even bloody eat them over here and they're owned by Mars, an American company. Well that makes perfect sense then. Let's all go to London and spend £20 on an M&M's dispenser to take back to our poor unsuspecting relatives as a gift from one of the greatest cities in the world, who hopefully question why the f*vk you even walked in the front door of the place. These fools are everywhere I see them every day on the tube. Watch out for the yellow bag of idiocy (of course I don't mean the yellow bag from the actual hallowed ground).

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Would you rather? Hot gay men.

These last months I've really come to love gay men. Who knows why? It may be linked to having snogged one of the hottest men I've ever seen, who was also gay. But that's another story. So, back to the amazing game of would you rather, which hot gay man would you rather be? Will Young, Tom Ford or Stefano Gabbana. 

Hello Nails inc magnetic nail varnish!

After waiting for over 14 months to receive some free nail varnish, I know - I should have stopped being such a  pikey and gone and bought some, I finally got some lovely Nails inc. varnishes. Oooohhhh quite good isn't it. The magnetic stuff is rather exciting, apply one coat hold the magnetic lid over it (careful not to smudge!) for 15 seconds and voila, beautiful nails as seen below. 

Yes the picture quality is slightly blurred, it's because I have an old iphone and as soon as O2 stop scamming me by pretending they were ever going to have any in stock while the 'free phone' offer was on, I'll get a new one. Bloody marketing scam-bags.